Traditional Basic Haircuts

Men’s Crew Cut - $30

Styled Haircut using clippers for a tidy-up or casual look. Clipped to your desired length or let our barbers recommend one that suits you. 

Men’s Haircut - $45
Traditional men’s styled haircut, using clippers and scissors


Scissor Cut - $60

Styled Men’s haircut using scissors only

Pensioner Haircut - $30


Kids Haircut - $40
Traditional Kid’s haircut, using clippers and scissors

Skin/Zero Fades

Skin / Zero Fades - $50

The shortest possible haircut, 'zero fade' cuts the hair down to the minimal length, with a slight shadow.



Zero Fade / Beard Trim / Line up - $75
Haircut starting from the skin, triple zero or zero with a beard trim and razor lineup finish.


Beard Trim / Shape - $40

A complete beard shaping & grooming to create the perfect sculpt. Finished with hot towel services and straight razor shave on neck and cheeks.

Ultimate Hot Towel Head Shave - $50

For the gentlemen who prefer their hair expertly shaved with a straight-edge razor, your scalp will be prepared and protected with a pre-shave ritual that includes a refreshing hot towel experience.

Hot Towel Head Shave & Beard Trim & Line Up - $80

Straight razor shave includes a hot towel, soothing shave cream, pre and post-shave treatments, moustache, beard trim, and tidy up using trimmers.


Men’s Haircut & Hot Towel Shave - $80

Traditional men’s styled haircut, using clippers and scissors and a hot towel shave.